Secure & flexible- design
the way you want it!

Transform buildings with flexible lighting designs! Saves energy,
money and improve occupant’s experience.

What is our smart control ecosystem

Our smart control ecosystem allows designers to introduce advanced lighting control strategies to keep occupants happy, focused, and productive. Lumos Controls helps to bring flexibility and energy savings to designs and makes building smarter like never before.

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How Lumos Controls helps you

A superior lighting

You implement lighting controls strategies to meet lighting goals and our system offer them the flexibility to do that.

Easy to

Simplified setup making installation, operations, and maintenance easier.

Flexibility in

Change design plans without hassles with utmost flexibility in design and configuration

Energy code

Help you comply with big three energy codes Title 24, ASHRAE, and IECC.


Guarantee security for your customers with a high-end-cloud to device security


Open for all future opportunities! Up to date with software updates and security features.

Create energy-efficient space and a seamless
lighting experience with our advanced lighting controls!

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