Innovative wireless lighting controllers designed to make lighting energy efficient and human-centric

Radiar D10

0-10V DC Controller

Radiar ARD4

0-10V/DALI Controller

Radiar ARD32

0-10V/DALI Controller

Radiar AF10

Dual Channel 0-10V Fixture Controller

Sensor & Controller

Controllers with built-in sensing capabilities for creating smart lighting network with effortless ease

Cyrus C

0-10V Fixture Mount Dual Channel Dimming Sensor


Wireless switches for controlling your luminaires conveniently

Catron V

Wireless 5 Button Remote

Catron IV

Battery-Free Wireless Switch


Device for internet connectivity for your lighting network

Enor E

Gateway with RTC & Ethernet


Easy-to-integrate system-on-chip for making your LED drivers, luminaires smarter

WIM 1281

Bluetooth-Ready System-on-Chip/Modules

WIM 2480

Bluetooth-Ready System-on-Chip/Modules

Retrofit Troffers

Switch to smart lighting with minimal disruptions

LED Retrofit Troffer Kit 2x2

With wireless control integrated

LED Retrofit Troffer Kit 2x4

With wireless controls integrated for smartness out of the box